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$ 3,879.00 MXN
Guantes de box de mujer de piel


$ 3,879.00 MXN


Your gloves will guide you in every workout, to find your best self.
With Splendore gloves, you'll be super comfortable and always stylish.
They’re totally designed for Women’s hands, your gloves have an imported lining that doesn't keep odors, the best padding that gives you support and protection so that you can give it all in every punch. And there’s more ! Just imagine your gloves with a nice & handy bag and all of that personalized with your initials.

So, Would you dare to shine ?

  • Sporty black boxing gloves with golden details
  • Mold designed for your comfort and protection
  • Handmade
  • Long  life materials and reinforced seams from the inside
  • Odor and moisture repellent lining
  • Choose between the Splendore transparent bag or the pink one
  • Your personalized kit with your initials
  • The most beautiful boxing gloves in the world!


  • Perfect fit for a woman's hand
  • 12 oz: the most used size by women
  • Size M
  • Space for your bandage
  • With ventilation


  • 100% high resistance leather
  • Embroidered Splendore logo
  • Reinforced from the inside
  • Repellent lining
  • Long lasting Velcro
  • Handmade in Mexico

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